Zone Health

Program Features

Watch our video to see how the Zone Health program can assist your school. 

  • Free, online training for school leaders, teachers, and parents 
  • Easy to use, automated Assessment Tool that produces tailored reports and recommendations for your SHAC or wellness team
  • Access to  web-based, no-cost resources and tools that guide school nutrition and physical activity changes 
  • Regular follow-up with program staff to ask questions and get ideas 
  • Monthly e-newsletters with ideas and information
  • Free access to our WorkHealthy America worksite wellness tool—valued at $2,000
  • $1000 Zone Health Award for districts and schools with exemplary nutrition and physical activity standards

"This program helps by motivating and encouraging us to push our school, faculty, and students to be active and make healthy choices."

- 2012 Zone Health School Leader


Schools play an important role in the fight against obesity. The Zone Health School Obesity Prevention Program is helping more than 85 district and school teams make healthy changes on campus.  These efforts are giving over 130,000 students, faculty, and staff greater access to healthy meals and snacks, physical activity breaks, and health education.

Zone Health works with schools to fight childhood obesity by improving their nutrition and physical activity environments.  
The program helps schools:

  • Form a diverse school wellness team
  • Use an online assessment to idenfity areas to improve
  • Initiate an action plan using low-cost resources and equipment
  • Write policies to support healthy behaviors
  • Get recognized for their efforts with the $1000 Zone Health Award





For information, please contact:
Julie Knaack - Program Manager
919-904-7613 -


88 Vilcom Center Drive | Suite 110 | Chapel Hill, NC 27514-9903 | 919.969.7022